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Decoraciones Llamas shop is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage through the collection & sale of antique textiles, pottery, retablos and other art forms representing Mexico’s diverse cultures.

We have an extensive inventory of beautiful antique furniture, including large and small pieces. We also carry a great selection of new furniture that will work with any decor. And we’re constantly adding pieces, so come in and browse regularly.

Hearts and Crosses


Wooden chairs are a signature of the timeless, elegant style of furniture made in the 19th century. For this reason, they have been replicated so many times that it is now almost impossible to find original antique wooden chairs without spending a fortune. If you want your wooden chairs to look like they were handed down over several generations, then you should not choose new ones. If your home is decorated in an old-fashioned way, they will look entirely out of place.